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Dear customers,

the spread of the coronavirus is a great concern to our industries and gives us duties to confront as mutual and immediate challenges.

As never before, prompt expertise and technology are needed.

We, medical ECONET GmbH, proud ourselves to reinforce our commitment and work with all health care professionals who are on the front line in defeating the virus.


medical ECONET GmbH is actively sustaining major hospitals in northern Italy, by supplying them with appropriate intensive care technology through professional consultations. Together with others, our equipment is being installed in the Lombardy region - the most affected region of the E.U.


All biotech professional must commit themselves to contain the proliferation of that disease, and we invite you to bring your support and share with us our greatly successful experience and services.


medical ECONET GmbH, as a team of highly professional and supplier of innovating products, is ready to assist you as follow:


  • Patient Monitoring for the patients. - Patient monitor for portable and/with etCO2
  • Easy and quick diagnosis - Imaging diagnostic devices
  • Immediate availability & prompt delivery
  • Technical training and professional support.


Stay safe, act wisely. We wish all the best to you, your business and your families.


Stanley H.C. Park

General Manager / President


Mario Angestein

General Manager