Smart 3 Twin Fetal Monitor with 7" TFT Touch Screen Color Display • Display of the fetal heart... more
Smart 3 Fetal Monitor

Smart 3 Twin Fetal Monitor with 7" TFT Touch Screen Color Display

• Display of the fetal heart rate of two fetuses as well as the uterus contraction alphanumeric and in
  curve form
• Recording of the child movement of both fetuses (Fetal Movement)
• High sensitivity due to 1 MHz probe frequency
• Printing of all parameters in A5 format
• Integrated base CTG analysis incl. STV
• Documentation of the system data on the call for the trigger
• Freely configurable note list for use during CTG recording
• Adjustable alarm limits and acoustic alarming
• 72 hours of data storage and volume control
• Battery operation: up to 2 hours with fully charged battery
• Network-capable via LAN for data transfer LAN, Wi-Fi converter (optional)
• Transfer of stored data to an USB memory (JPEG)
• Live transmission to free central software for archiving data on the PC
• Central software with up to 16 connectable devices (optional)
• Acoustic stimulator (optional)
• Rechargeable battery (optional)

Technical details:

Dimensions: 296 (W) x 305.5 (D) x 97.5 (H)
Weight: 2.9 kg
Power supply: mains or battery operation
Voltage: 100 - 240 Volt AC / 50-60Hz / 1.5A
Current consumption: 60 watts (max.)
Safety: Class II / Type BF
Humidity: 30 x 85%
Operating temperature: 10° x 40° C (50° x 104° F)
Pressure: 70 x 106 KPa

Included are:

- 2 ultrasonic probes with 1 MHz
- 1 toco probe for uterine contraction
- 1 patient marker
- 2 rolls of paper
- 1 ultrasonic gel
- CTG belt set (3 pcs.)
- power cable

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