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Cardio M-PC

Cardio M-PC

Order-No. 90-9500


Resting ECG software


The most modern combination of microelectronics and a supreme ECG software. Cardio M-PC is an ideal module to record and analyze recorded ECGs. It meets all the requirements of modern PC technology.



Order no. 90-9501 = plus network function

Order no. 90-9502 = plus network and ergometry function

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- network access to all data
- take-over of all patient data via HL7
- order management
- return of clinical reports to HIS or office operation systems
- easy export and record as HTML site
- 12-channel resting ECG with interpretation
- emergency ECG
- heart rate variability
- arrhythmia detection
- stress ECG with ST segment monitoring
- control of ergometers, treadmills, and blood pressure monitors
- mobile ECG (with a notebook)
- extensible with (spirometry, holter ECG and blood pressure)
- acquisition of patient data via HL7
- easy to export images as HTML or PDF


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