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Order-No. 90-9300


ECOcuff is a fully automatic, digital blood pressure monitor with the latest Inflation Measurement Technology (IMT) and wide range of accessories. The large-format display clearly shows the measured values for systolic and diastolic pressure and pulse rate as well. A traffic colored scale according to WHO guideline and the IHB indicator assist in determining the correct blood pressure value and in the subsequent diagnostics.


ECOcuff offers everything you need for a simple and reliable blood pressure measurement. It coms with a stable, desinfectable cuff and a storage bag, the built-in rechargeable battery and the external power supply help to protect the enviroment.


Taking a measurement is easy. With a simple push of a button the device is turned on and starts pumping up the cuff. ECOcuff automatically fits the inflation pressure to the individual patients condition and detects systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate.


According to WHO color scale high-pressure risk of the patient is displayed and the integrated IHB indicator (Irregular Heart-Beat) flashes when an irregular heartbeat or artifacts is measured.


ECOcuff comes with an internal memory for 90 readings that are transmitted with a simple keystroke, after the measurment the memory can be recalled at any time.


Standard Accessory:


- ECOcuff Automated Blood Pressure Monitor

- Rechargeable battery

- Power Supply

- Cuff 22-32 cm

- Protection Bag

- Manual

- 24 months warranty

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