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Order-No. 99-9946

High power X-ray system based on smart technology

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Powerful stationary X-ray system (30kW) with integrated monoblock
- 4-way-floating table top (max. animal weight 200kg)
- Colored 7”LCD operating touch screen
- Removable grid support
- High frequency technology enables clean diagnostic images
- Variable focal distance and X-ray source rotation (optional)


- Tube Vol./Current: 125kV / 400mA
- Voltage range: 40 -125 kV in steps of 1kV
- mAs Range: 0,1 mAs – 100mAs
- Max. output: 30kW at 100kV


X-ray tube:
- Application: KL65 0,6/1,3
- Anode: Rotating
- Focal spot: 0,6mm small focus; 1,3mm large focus
- Nominal power of anode: 16kW small focus, 32kW large focus


- Display: 7” LCD touch screen
- Table top: 4-way-floating / 160cm (base)
- Cassette holder: self centering (18 x 24cm to 43cm x 43cm)
- APR techniques: 1800 combination possibilities / 3 patient sizes selectabe / Focal spot selection

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