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inus D

Order-No. 40-3100

DEXA System, using Goldstandard of WHO

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- Bone mineral density measured on Spine, Femur and Forearm
- FAT analysis
- Intergrated FRAX calculator
- Very high reproducibility through high precision
- Automatic determination of ROI (Region Of Interest)
- Laser - controlled positioning
- Intuitive use through user - friendly Software
- Extensive reporting and archiving
- Space saving with folding down sides
- Including PC, PC-desk, and Printer


Technical Data:
System: DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry)
Scan-Method: Pencil Beam
Scan - Area: Spine, Femur, Forearm
Scan - Time: Spine: 3 min / Femur: 2 min

Measured parameters BMD, BMC, Object Thickness, Area
Calibration: daily automatic calibration with Phantom
Positioning: through laser
Image transmission: DICOM
Dimensions: max. 1.900 x 800 x 1.210 mm
weight: ca. 131kg

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