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Order-No. 99-9912W

WIRELESS and portable DR flat panel

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Portable digital image processing unit
- Wireless flat panel detector with high performance Li-Ion battery
- Excellent image quality due to Amorphous Silicon with CsI-Scintillator
- Only 3,6 kg for convenient and flexible use
- Great advantages for outdoor radiography and mobile applications
- Exchangable positions of handle bar


Sensor Type: Amorphous Silicon with TFT (Single Panel)

X-ray Converter: CsI:TI

Total Pixel Number: 2080x2560 pixels

Active Pixel Area: 25,9cm x 32,0cm

Pixel Pitch: 127μm

Limiting Resolution: 3,9 lp / mm

Energy Range: 40 - 150 kV

A / D Conversion: 14 bit

Image Acquisition Time: 7 sec.

Size: 395x337x18mm (not incl. handle)

Weight: 3,6kg (incl. battery & handle)

Battery Type: Lithium Ion battery

Numbers of exposures by one charging: 700 images


Incl. items:
- meX+ Image Acquisition Software + DICOM Send & Patient CD Module
- Specially developed trolley case with wheels
- 2 batteries incl. charger, WIFI router incl. power supply, AGI box

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