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meX+1417WGC / WCC

meX+1417WGC / WCC

Portable / stationary, digital Wireless panel

Model: meX+1417WGC/WCC


meX+=medical ECONET X-ray

1417=14x17 Inch (35,8cm x 42,3cm)


G=gadolinium oxysulfide

C=cesium iodide



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WIFI - Complete Wireless solution

AED - Automatic Exposure Detection

AP (ACCESS POINT) MODE - Direct Wi-Fi communication between detector and workstation

CASSETTE SIZE - Ultra thin 36cm x 43cm Retrofit Solution

UNIVERSAL - Suitable for mobile and stationary use

SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY - Due to 127µm and 3,9 line pairs / mm


Data Interface: Wireless

Sensor Type: Amorphous Silicon with TFT

Dimensions: 384 x 460 x 15,4mm

Active Area: 357,6 x 422,7mm


Gadolinium Oxysulfide (Gadox)

Cesium-Iodide (CsI)

Weight: 3kg

Pixel Number: 2756 x 3268

Pixel Pitch: 127µm

Limiting Resolution: 3,9lp/mm

A/D Conversion: 14bit or 16bit

Energy Range: 40 - 150 kV

Data Acquisition Time: 5,0 sec.


Incl. accessories:

- meX+ Image Acquisition Software

- meX+ carrying bag

- 2 batteries and 1 charger

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