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Order-No. 25.40-3100P

Total body DXA bone densitometer with Fan Beam Technology.

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- Very high precsion and short scan time: Femur (19 sec.)
- Total Body Assessment: BMD,  T-score, Z-score, BMI, Body composition (Fat, Lean, BMC)
- LVA (Lateral Vertebral Assessment) to detect lateral vertebral fractures
- Hip analysis to evaluate the proximal femur geometric
- Pediatric function to measure children's BMD
- Orthopedic function - automatic exclusion of hip protheses, metal fastenings and artifacts
- FRAX - 10 year fracture risk analysis
- Friendly Touch operating panel
- Multi Color mapping analysis: RCM, BCM, OCM
- High Resolution Image
- Multi language support
- Very low radiation

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