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Order-No. 60-9010

Compact benchtop centrifuge, ideal for the separation of urine, serum and plasma in practice or laboratory.

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- Speed Range 300 - 4500 rpm
- 12-place angle rotor (15 ml)
- Digital code of run time and speed
- Brushless motor with electronic speed control
- Hygienic keypad
- Electromagnetic lid locking
- Easy-to-clean plastic housing


Equipped with a 12-place angle rotor for tubes with a volume of up to 15ml and a maximum speed of 4,500 rev / min and an RCF of 2,400 g EcoSpin the table centrifuge is ideal for routine laboratory during office visits.
The EcoSpin tabletop centrifuge is compact, occupies very little space and is easy to use.
The last used settings for duration and speed are automatically saved.
For user safety, the lid is locked electromagnetically during operation. The durable plastic housing and hygienic keypad allow easy cleaning and disinfection.

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