Agreement concerning remote maintenance

I am aware of the procedure of the program TeamViewer and would like to have a remote maintenance conference with an employee of medical ECONET GmbH.

Please fill in all four gaps down below for documentation purposes for GDPR. After pushing the button „send“ you automatically receive a copy of your agreement send to your entered email address for your own documentation.

Service times
The service of medical ECONET GmbH is only available during opening times and only after telephone arrangement.

Remote Maintenance can just be made by entering the ID which is given by telephone and classifies the process. Without receiving your explicit release of your ID a remote maintenance is not feasible.

Personal data
Medical ECONET GmbH fulfils technical and organizational arrangements according to Article 28 GDPR, to protect your personal data according to Art. 9 GDPR.

Medical ECONET GmbH assumes no liability neither for data loss nor for disruption or damage, even if it happens in proximity of support time.

There are no additional costs – except the costs for calling.

Right for revocation
You can disagree this contact at any time by letter.

By accepting this informed consent, I accept the above-mentioned points and agree to download the TeamViewer guest module for the purpose of remote maintenance. I am entitled to use this service for the above-mentioned company. I agree the forwarding of m

I have read the data protection information.