meX+ Image Acquisition Software

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meX+ Image Acquisition Console Software (Standard Artikel with DR-Detektor) Simple &... more
meX+ Image Acquisition Software

meX+ Image Acquisition Console Software (Standard Artikel with DR-Detektor)

  • Simple & perfect images at all times
  • Integrated automatic image optimization
  • Fully integrated radiographic positioning guide
  • Bones and soft tissue in one image
  • Including Patient CD and DICOM Send function
  • Adaption of almost every language possible

The package includes the console software and an interface for one flat
panel. Images are received as raw images, processed and displayed. In
addition, the module includes organ specific image processing software, a
Diagnostic Module Standard and the multimedia radiographic positioning
guide. It is sufficient to equip a single workstation without generator

meX+ DICOM Send SCU (Standard item with DR Detector)
Manual or automatic distribution of images to one or more DICOM
recipients, e.g. PACS.

meX+ DICOM Patient CD (Standard item with DR Detector)
Creates patient CDs which include DICOM DIR structure and a viewer
(free of charge).

meX+ Cognition Optimised Processing (Standard item with DR Detector)
Advanced image processing. Optimal contrast regulation throughout the
entire image for improved detail visibility in soft and bone parts and
extensive individual customisation options.

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