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10.99-9505 meX+1012WCC
Artikelnummer: 10.99-9505
WIFI - Completely wireless system AED function (automatic exposure detection) Integrated antenna - communication without additional router Cassette size - 15mm high Flexible use - for mobile and stationary applications Technical data:...
10.99-9957 meX+1417LGW
Artikelnummer: 10.99-9957
Excellent limiting resolution - 4,3lp/mm Extremely low dose requirement WIFI connection without router Compatible with any generator through Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) Universal use due to cassette size Protection against falling...
10.99-9942 meX+1717SCC
Artikelnummer: 10.99-9942
AED function (automatic exposure detection) Ultra-flat (15,5mm) DR detector with same size as film cassette or CR Image Plate Easy upgrade to DR without any change in conventional X-ray systems (retrofit solution) Highest image...