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11.99-9199 meX+ CombiRay
Artikelnummer: 11.99-9199
Transport case for the following models: meX+AirRay and meX+1012 LGW Also possible for: meX+20BT lite and meX+1012 WCC All-in-one case solution for the complete X-ray system Customised compartments for meX+1012 LGW and meX+AirRay...
11.99-9040 PXMS-1800
Artikelnummer: 11.99-9040
The perfect addition for mobile applications. The PXMS-1800 impresses with its easy set-up and quick operational readiness. Thanks to its modular structure, it fits well into any vehicle when dismantled. We recommend using a mobile stand...
11.99-9053 PXMS-2010
Artikelnummer: 11.99-9053
The perfect supplement for mobile use in the stable or in the equine clinic. The PXMS-2010 impresses with its very easy installation and quick readiness for usage. Due to its modular design, it fits easily into any car when dismantled....